playground injuries

A Bird’s Eye View at Playground Injuries and Accidents


Playgrounds are an area of excitement and fun where kids can challenge themselves physically and make new pals, but they present hidden dangers and risks as well. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), annually, hospital ERs treat over 200,00 kids age fourteen and younger for injuries related to playgrounds.

Of those injuries, the majority take place at schools and day care center.

Unluckily, injuries to kids at playgrounds can frequently be severe. It is estimated that playgrounds have a much higher rate for serious injuries than automobile accidents and bicycle accidents. This is because of numerous factors. Playground injuries frequently take place while a kid is climbing, sliding, or swinging.

playground injuries
children’s playground

If a kid slips from a wall, it can frequently be a couple of feet to the ground. A slip while climbing bars can frequently indicate falling against other hard areas on the equipment. The following injuries are frequently witnessed on playgrounds:

  • bruises
  • fractured or broken bones
  • head injuries or concussions
  • dislocations
  • internal injuries

Common Causes

Any number of causes can be a factor in playground injuries, yet there are a few things that are a lot common. Let us take a look at a few of them.

Poor Design or Maintenance of Playground Equipment

In numerous areas, equipment in the playground can be a couple of years, if not many years, old. Significant equipment deterioration can take place depending on the utilized construction materials. For instance, metal components can fatigue or rust. Bolts and screws come loose. Wood deteriorates and rots.

Ropes can become frail. Everything (from element exposure to day-to-day use) by kids takes a par on the equipment’s condition. Sharp edges, protruding screws or nails, or unpredictably slippery surfaces frequently result from the consistent use of equipment.

Due to those factors, it’s vital that the playground and the equipment be frequently maintained and inspected.

Along with maintenance, playground design and the equipment design is extremely important. For instance, a regular risk integral in any play area is that kids will fall, whether from just running across the ground or the equipment.

playground injury
Children playing on the playground

The presence of a soft ground surface, as well as with other elements of the design, is a vital aspect of a secured and safe playground.

Lack of Enough Supervision

One important factor in stopping playground injuries is the regular supervision and observation of the children.

Frequently, kids do not know their own limitations. They hardly have the required experience to understand the risks that come with climbing too high or running too quickly. Due to that, enough adult supervision is a crucial part of offering kids a safe environment while playing.

The degree of supervision needed depends on different factors, including the children age and the degree of risk linked with any playground activity. However, the inability to take reasonable measures to guarantee a kid’s safety can cause a negligence case if a kid is harmed due to insufficient supervision